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2 or 3 days according to case studies




C1  Introducing the «guiding light» study case

o        Context and objectives of the case. Introducing the BG2N Bank.

C2 The information system

o        Aims and functions of the IS.

o        Structure of the IS. Specificities of the Bank-Insurance area.

o        "Urbanization” of the IS. Two examples of “urbanization” (Bank and Insurance).

o        Case study (Step #1).

C3 Designing an information system

o        Basic principles of modelling.

o        Business Process Modelling.

o        Data modelling.

o        Examples of modelling in the Bank-Insurance area.

o        Case study (Step #2).

C4 Building an information system

o        Technical architectures: Banking networks. From transactional mode to Services Oriented Architectures.

o        Functional architecture: Management systems and business applications.

o        The long road to integration of management systems.

o        Business applications in banking

o        Decision Support System and collaborative tools.

o        Examples of architectures in the field: ING, Crédit Suisse, GIE CA, etc.

o        Case study (Step #3).

C5 Managing an information system

o        Managing the IS. Steering the IS Department. CIO and IT Manager.

o        Aligning IS on the corporate strategy. Strategy and IT choices in the field of bank and insurance.

o        From management to governance. Specific issues of the bank area. Make or buy. IT managed services, SaaS and cloud

o        Case study (Step #4).

C6 Managing IS projects

o        Basics of IS projects management

o        Steering IS projects.

o        Economy of IS projects. Value creation by agile projects. Financial models.

o        IS projects in the Banking area. The “Nice” project of CA.

o        Case study (Step #5).

C7 Securing the information system

o        Risks and threats in the banking area.

o        Security strategies.

o        Legal and social aspects.

o        Bâle II and Bâle III.


This course is regularly taught as part of a bachelor (CNAM) and of a specialized Master in Bank-Insurance (IAE Montpellier).

It is also regularly taught, since 2007, in several regional bodies of the largest retail banking group in France, Crédit Agricole (Ile-de-France, Centre of France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Champagne-Bourgogne, etc.).




We see emerging the need for new skills where the knowledge of technology and information systems (IT / IS) must be consistent with the understanding of the corporate strategy, the knowledge of new methods of organization and management, the expertise about working practices and business processes of the company.

This training includes these very requirements in an area where the IS is not only a support function for companies' business, but builds up the core system for the activity: the bank.

The module introduces to present or future professionals of banking services, developing their business skills, the key points regarding information systems in their field of activity.

The module is structured around a case study (BG2N, fictional regional bank) allowing to conduct a series of exercises.




Vocational professional training:

·        Professionals of bank services ;

·        IT people involved in development and / or roll out projects in the banking area.

Initial training:

·        Students in the Master's level, involved in training schemes addressing the field of information systems for the banking / insurance sector.

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